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Article: Three little-known facts about Y.O.U

Models wears Black Mara Y.O.U Underwear
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Three little-known facts about Y.O.U

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, hopefully you already know just how passionate we are about underwear being universally available to people in all communities, but how well do you really know Y.O.U Underwear the brand? Here’s some little facts about Y.OU that you may not know – or for any super fans out there, here’s a reminder!


FACT 1: Our website contains no tricks

The Y.O.U Underwear website has to work very hard to persuade customers to order because we don’t use pop up windows or other tactics to woo them! Many other retailer websites use popups to grab your attention, or other psychological techniques to create a sense of urgency and scarcity to encourage you to purchase. Whilst all of these techniques are proven to improve website conversion, we chose not to use them because we believe fair and ethical practices should apply to marketing as much as all the other elements of our business.

Y.O.U underwear website

We believe that marketing tactics such as these are manipulative, which is why we’ve signed The Ethical Move Pledge against unethical marketing and selling. We will always put the person before the sale and we respect you and your privacy.


FACT 2: Our girls bralette’s are non-conformist

We feel that there isn’t a set size for bodies at different ages, and we don’t want to put any additional pressure on young girls, so our sizing looks a little different than girls’ underwear for sale at other retailers.

Girls bralette

Our super-soft organic Fairtrade cotton girls bralettes are available in 4 sizes: Jinja, Kira, Lira and Masaka. They are all named after Ugandan towns, the original source of inspiration behind the business, and we use these rather than ages to differentiate between sizes. We believe this is a more thoughtful way to communicate and market to young girls as they grow up, so we hope you agree.


FACT 3: Our mailing bags get recycled into earrings

Jay, the very clever person behind YagoEco jewellery, recycles Y.O.U Underwear mailing bags and plastic bottle tops and transforms them into these wonderful statement green and cream earrings. We’ve just had a new delivery of earrings in various shapes and styles, so will be adding these to our website soon!

YagoEco earrings made from recycled Y.O.U Underwear mailing bags and plastic bottle tops

It’s a brilliant way to reduce our waste and collaborate with other small businesses - plastic waste jewellery is the way forward. "They're so light, I forgot I was wearing them!" says Jess from Leeds.


What did you think of these facts? Please help us spread the word and share them with your family, friends, colleagues and community. We really appreciate all the support you can give in helping to grow Y.O.U Underwear and helping us to change the world, one pair of pants at a time!


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