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Article: Men's Underwear Style Guide

Men's Underwear Style Guide
Ethical Fashion

Men's Underwear Style Guide

Briefs, boxer briefs, trunks…there are more underwear styles for men today than ever before! At Y.O.U Underwear, we’ve chosen one style that we know to be super-comfortable as well as stylish – trunks.

Men's black trunks - lake photoshoot

What exactly are the benefits of trunks?

Trunks (also known as square cut briefs) are a hybrid of a brief and a boxer brief; they’re shorter and have less fabric than a boxer brief (baggier style with an elastic waistband), and longer than a traditional brief (a close-fitting style with minimal coverage).

Trunks are actually a newcomer in the field of men’s underwear styles; they first appeared in the 90s before becoming popularised by Calvin Klein in the early 2000s. They have become increasingly popular due to their versatility – they can be worn with just about anything and provide the perfect combination of support and style. They also provide the perfect amount of coverage for casual wear, reaching to just above the thigh. They’re also super-comfortable! Take it from some recent customers: 

“Love these grey trunks. Really love the trunks, they're super soft and very comfortable to wear. Almost don't realise you're wearing them!” – Steve, Oxford

“Really, really like them. Surprisingly more comfortable than my Calvin Kleins” – Adam, Redhill

Our men’s trunks are a smart yet relaxed everyday essential. They’re made of the softest organic cotton to ensure maximum comfort throughout the day.  The black Y.O.U elastic waistband also provides some extra support and is a stylish addition to an otherwise plain design. And they’ve got some other great features, such as:
  • Stretch-blend organic cotton for durability and a great fit!

  • No internal labels

  • Pre-washed, shrink-resistant fabric

  • Positive message inside! As firm believers in the power of positive pants, we’ve hidden kind messages inside our undies to provide a gentle reminder (at unexpected times!) that you make a difference!

men's charcoal trunks - morning coffee

Y.O.U trunks also come in 4 different colours: black, dark grey (charcoal), light grey (heather) and white. You can shop your favourite colours here.

We've been a bit low on stock recently, but the good news is that we're expecting an imminent delivery of your favourite styles! All sizes will be available again in the week beginning 28th September. For more information on stock and deliveries, check out our live updates page.

What are your favourite underwear styles for men? We're really keen to hear feedback from anyone who'd be interested in some different Y.O.U styles. Just leave any thoughts in the comments below, and we'll be sure to consider them as our range develops! 

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