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Article: Introducing our New Navy Blue Collection

Introducing our New Navy Blue Collection
Ethical Fashion

Introducing our New Navy Blue Collection

Our navy blue Bralette and thong on a white bed, with white bud flowers


We’re very excited to announce that we are expanding our range. You can now order your favourite Y.O.U styles in more sizes and in our beautiful new navy blue colour!

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What’s new?


Inclusivity remains at the heart of Y.O.U Underwear’s values. The positive message, ‘Y.O.U make a difference’ hidden inside our underwear, hopes to encourage our customers to be comfortable and thrive in their own skin. We’re always working to increase our size range and cater to a wider range of people.

We’ve increased our women’s range, and our underwear is now available in sizes 6 to 22. Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our men’s underwear range! Our trunks are now available from sizes small to XXL. 

The Colour

After introducing our KikoRomeo collection, we thought that navy blue was the perfect colour to complement our growing range. Navy blue is often regarded as one of fashion’s neutral colours, it looks great with everything! 

Y.O.U Underwear navy blue branded boy shorts

Why Blue?

The colour navy blue can be easily associated with different symbols - to us we think it resembles water. Whilst our blue underwear will look great all year round, we have decided to introduce the colour just in time for Water Saving Week!

Water is an everyday luxury that many of us take for granted. We rely on water to drink, wash, use the toilet and even make our underwear! As Climate Change becomes a more pressing issue, saving water has never been more important - both for our planet and communities.

Y.O.U Underwear Certified Organic Cotton Navy Blue Thongs

That’s why out of every sale of our new navy blue range, we will be donating two pairs of underwear to charity Smalls For All. This donation will provide underwear to women and girls in vulnerable communities in Africa, who suffer directly from the impact of water insecurity and can have limited access to sanitation, especially on their periods.

Water Saving Week Giveaway

Don’t miss out on the chance to win a pair of our new navy blue underwear in this week’s ‘Water Saving Week’ Giveaway. We will also be donating to Just a Drop for every share of our post!

Head to our Instagram to enter:

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By Isabella Richardson

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