Almond Light Nude Bralette Hung on a Branch against green leaves and blossom

10 things to like about Y.O.U Underwear


Almond Light Nude Bralette Hung on a Branch against green leaves and blossom

As a small business, hearing our customers feedback is so important to us! We’re proud to have over 100 5* reviews across our website, Etsy and Google. We recently received an amazing testimonial from Annabell in Birmingham with 10 reasons she loves Y.O.U Underwear. We wanted to share it with you today, and we hope that you love Y.O.U too.

  • “I love that you use such a diverse range of models and sizes”

We’ve had models from ages 18 to 80, and sizes 8 to 18 in our last photoshoot and we’re always working to improve our sizing and show how our undies look on the amazing humans who model for us - who are often our friends and family!

  • “LOVE the story behind the project. LOVE the ethos”

Y.O.U Underwear was started because our CEO, Sarah, discovered that many women and girls in Uganda and across Africa didn’t have something we all take for granted - underwear. Our donation model means that your purchase really makes a difference!

Woman wearing Y.O.U Underwear's black bralette and boy shorts, behind her is greenery and spring blossom.

  • “LOVE that you give free undies to those that really need it - we could all do with helping others more, and companies often have the power to do this more than individuals. and you are doing that!”

As part of our commitment to giving back, we donate 2 pairs of underwear for every 1 sold to the charity Smalls for All. We also donate 10% of our Reusable Face Mask sales to Smalls For All, and our KikoRomeo Collection supports the Massai communities in Kenya. 

  • “Love that you use Fairtrade Ethical Cotton”

Conventional cotton is one of the world's most polluting crops. Every piece of Y.O.U underwear is made from Fairtrade and GOTS certified organic cotton that is PETA-Approved vegan. So when you wear Your Own Underwear, you are making the decision not to hurt the environment.

  • “I like that you don't have too much choice (not saying you should never expand), but a smaller choice is refreshing and simpler”

Our range is slowly expanding however we focus on creating a core collection of neutral, everyday colours which fit well in your wardrobe. For those who are more adventurous, we have some more colourful collections like the KikoRomeo collaboration.  Following on from that…

  • "Love the plain brown undies I got, but also LOVE the KikoRomeo collection - so beautiful!"

As mentioned above, our core collection is complemented by our KikoRomeo collection, which features bright colours like red, yellow and green! For every sale from the collection, we’ll provide a pair of underwear to girls in the Maasai communities of Oloishobor and Olorgesailie, as well as supporting the work of the Ajuma Foundation in Kenya.

Male Model on the beach in our Red Mara Kiko Romeo Organic Cotton Men's Trunks

  • "The undies themselves - super soft and comfy. Even the thong is more comfortable than many thongs!"

Our underwear is 95% GOTS certified organic cotton, which helps us create super soft undies! It’s also more durable and will last longer than items made from conventional cotton. Not only is it softer and better for your wallet, organic cotton has a much lower environmental impact. We recently came up with 5 reasons to try a thong, especially our organic cotton ones which are comfy and better for your health!

You can read more about the benefits of organic cotton here

  • "Love the personal touches of a hand-written card when I received the order, and the lovely little black bag it came in". 

Sarah, our CEO, takes great joy in writing notes to all of our customers! We also send all our orders out in an Organic Cotton bag which can be reused in lots of ways. We use ours as make up bags, phone charger storage and travel toiletries.

Our CEO, Sarah, wearing a 'Y.O.U' branded black T-Shirt, writing out thank you cards to be included in our packages in the sun! 

  • "The sizing chart was really helpful."

The sizing chart on our website is there to make your purchases easier, as we have advice for measuring yourself and getting the right size. We’re always on hand to help with sizing queries too, and you can reach us at

  • "Your website looks absolutely great."

We aim to keep our website simple, speedy and accessible so that your shopping experience can be as easy as possible!


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