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Article: Women’s Underwear Bottom Trends – what’s your favourite?

Model wears Black Mara Boy Shorts
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Women’s Underwear Bottom Trends – what’s your favourite?

What is the purpose of the new trend for barely-there micro thongs? Good question! It’s an extremely minimalist style and not for the faint hearted … or those of us who want full coverage for our bottoms! To expand on this (in every sense!), we’ve pulled together this guide to take you through Y.O.U Underwear’s best-selling bottom styles….

All our underwear is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and is also Fairtrade and PETA-approved vegan. And with our giving-back model, you’re making a difference with every purchase! So whatever style you prefer, for every pair of underwear you buy, we will be donating underwear to people that don’t have it through our various charity partners. 


Low Rise Bikini Bottoms

A simple shape and our most popular bottom style! Every woman needs some of these super-soft bikini bottoms in their underwear drawer, all available in UK sizes 6 to 22, across 7 classic colours and 5 vibrant prints. This low-rise fit sits lower on the hips and works well under trousers and jeans with a lower rise. Y.O.U customer Lizzie says of her pair: 

Now that I’ve realised these are the only pants that actually fit me and feel amazing on, I won’t buy from anywhere else. It’s taken me years to find my perfect knickers but I found them in the end. So happy. And supporting a great cause at the same time.”

If bikini bottoms are your favourite bottom style, you can treat yourself to this useful Days of the Week Pack of 7 to give you a comfy basic every day.

Model wears low-rise bikini bottoms in navy


Mid-Rise Bikini Bottoms

Our new mid-rise style bikini bottoms were develop in response to customers asking for more coverage and they provide exactly that. With a higher rise and leg, they come higher up over your stomach and so can feel more comfortable with scars or other body sensitivity issues. We have found that the fit of the new style means you can get away with a smaller size than in our other styles, as it comes higher up the waist where we are often a bit slimmer.

This new style comes in all 7 of our plain colours, giving you everything from white, grey and pink as light shades, to navy, chestnut and black for the darker end of your wardrobe. You can see them all here.

Mid-rise bikini bottoms in our core colours


Plain Boy Shorts

A comfy choice with more coverage over your bottom. These boy shorts offer a low-rise style, with no roll elastic waistband. Y.O.U customer Maria says of her shorts:

Love, love, love, these undies! So very comfy and look great too. Now a firm daily favourite”.

If boy shorts are your preferred choice, you’ll enjoy choosing from sizes 6-22, across our core range of 7 classic colours and our 5 Mara vibrant prints. 

Model wears plain boy shorts in Almond Grey boy shorts


Y.O.U Branded Boy Shorts

A variation on the plain boy shorts, the Y.O.U branded elastic waistband provides some extra support and is a stylish addition to an otherwise minimalist design. Y.O.U customer Lucy says of her branded shorts:

“These are officially the world’s most comfortable knickers!!! They fit beautifully, are so super soft and wash amazingly.

Again, they are available in sizes 6-22, across 7 classic colours and 5 vibrant prints. How good does the Y.O.U waistband look against our Maasai inspired Mara print? 

 Branded boy shorts in light pink  Branded boy shorts in black mara



And finally, our classic thongs – comfortable, discrete and invisible under clothing! Thongs come in sizes 6-16, across all of our 7 classic colours and 5 vibrant prints. Y.O.U customer Helen says:

“Comfy, fit well and soft. They don't leave any lines when I'm wearing them under my yoga trousers and they wash well. Very happy with them”.

Model wears thong in chestnut Thong in Red Mara


So, there you have it – a range of styles to fit every bottom. And the great thing that unites all the Y.O.U bottom styles, is that there are no internal labels for a smooth fit and minimal VPL! You can see the full range of Y.O.U women’s underwear here.



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